The New York State appellate court system is one of the most complicated in the country.

If you’re going to appeal, you want someone with the expertise and experience to navigate the system to present and effectively argue your case.

Since 1981, I have handled more than 150 appeals in the New York courts, including the Court of Appeals, all four regional Appellate Divisions, and the Appellate Term in New York City.

My expertise includes civil and criminal cases covering a wide variety of subjects, from narrow procedural points to multi-million-dollar verdicts, parking tickets to homicides.

When you retain the Law Office of Terry D. Horner, you retain me and my more than 35 years of appellate experience. I will personally review, research, write, and if appropriate, orally argue the appeal anywhere in New York State. An appellate lawyer does not need to be physically located near where the case originated, so I can represent you in any of the appellate courts in New York, whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Albany, or Rochester.

I am also available as a consulting attorney for your appeal, as an additional reader or editor, or to advise on e-filing and reproduction requirements for the record or brief, or other aspects of compliance with appellate court rules.